You Can Buy An Apple Watch At 6 Fashion Retailers

If you're one of those Apple product devotees who has to have the newest tech the moment it drops, you've most likely been plotting your overnight wait in line for the company's forthcoming Apple Watch for months now. While the apparatus won't be making it to an Apple store near you until June, you'll be able to snag one as early as April 24th. That's right — the Apple Watch will debut at six fashion retailers on Friday.

This is good news for those clamoring for one of these watches since tech sites across the web have proclaimed that it would be really hard to find unless you happen to be a famous person or closely related to one of the developers. But the Apple Watch may be easier to procure than originally assumed, with large quantities set to be delivered to Maxfield in LA, Colette in Paris, the Corner in Berlin, 10 Corso Como in Milan, and Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London (but, sadly, not New York). Adrian Joffe, the chief executive of Dover Street Market, even told the New York Times that they would be carrying, "approximately 350 Apple Watches in its Ginza store and 570 in London — though consumers in search of the gold Edition versions (with prices starting at $10,000) may be disappointed, as they are on back order." Joffe also warned that, although that sounds like a lot, their stock definitely won't last long.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In case it wasn't clear from that list of names alone, these international stores are the highest of high fashion retailers, clearly meant to amplify Apple's intent for the watch to be more of a luxury accessory than a widespread must-have. And since Karl Lagerfeld has jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon, I think it's safe to say that goal has been reached.

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