Topshop's Braid Bar Helps The Hairstyle Challenged

Even if you're not a Disney Princess character with the styling aid of nimble birds and other forest creatures, now you can still be a braid-tastic beauty! That is, with the help of Topshop's first braid bar over at their flagship store in London, which is just the latest addition to the growing list of fabulous beauty bars currently sweeping the nation (or, at least, the nation's major cities).

The Topshop braid bar is exactly what it sounds like — a bar, sans booze, exclusively for achieving braided looks straight out of your wildest Pinterest-fueled dreams. Coachella was all about wispy braided gorgeousness this year, from Kate Boswoth's '90's-inspired braided middle part, to demure milkmaid locks, intricate waterfall braids, and perfectly tousled loose weavings. Chances are, you probably saw these looks on Instagram and are dying to replicate them.

Now, I don't know about you, but whenever I attempt any sort of intentionally messy hairstyle, I usually just end up with what looks like a bird's nest on my head. That's why Topshop's braid bar couldn't come soon enough. It's heaven for those of us who are Pinterest-inept, but still have our hearts set on rocking that goddess crown braid.

Topshop's braid bar is actually a branch of Hershesons, a UK-based braid salon that boasts 15 minute braids for 15 pounds, and promises such gorgeous styles as "The S," "The Boyfriend," and the "Off Duty." While, they have no plans to expand to the U.S. as of yet (come on, guys, don't leave us hangin'), there are tons of other unbelievably specific beauty bars out there. Yes, these places actually exist and are there whenever you need a 10 minute makeover or Kylie Jenner's brows pronto. I think I've found love in a hopeless place...

1. The Brow Bar

The Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC and other similar arch-perfecting salons, are devoted solely to getting your brows totally on fleek (as the kids are saying these days), with services such as threading, waxing, and tinting on the menu.

2. Rouge New York

This is one of the first makeup application-only beauty bars that came to New York in 2013. It's like snagging one of those fabulous department store makeovers in record time.

3. The Peel Bar

These babies have been cropping up all over the place for a while now, offering 30-minute facial peels, no dermatologist required.

4. Teeth Whitening Bars

Need a dazzling smile for a date tonight? Whitening bars, like NYC's Lavaan Dental Spa, have got you covered with 30-minute teeth cleanings, and teeth whitening treatments.

5. Kertain Bars

I know you've heard of blow-dry bars before that'll have you in and out the door with silky smooth hair. But with Kertain bars, that silkiness is bound to last way longer than a single shampoo. Check out The Kertain Lounge by Lasio Studios if you're in the New York City area.

Images: Getty Images, hershesons/Twitter boomboombrowbar/Instagram, rouge_ny/Instagram, beautyrxskin/Twitter, bryanboy/Instagram, keratinlounge/Twitter