National Cat Day: 5 Things Your Cat Can Teach You About Being Awesome

Cats are a viral internet fixture, and as we celebrate National Cat Day, known as "Tuesday" in the homes of cat owners, it’s important to reflect on the things we’ve learned from everyone’s favorite pet. You may think that your cats are just around to snuggle your feet and puke on your carpet, but Captain Corndog and Princess can also teach you a lot of important social lessons. Don't tell your feline friend, but she's probably a genius. From her uncanny ability to know exactly when you're in your deepest REM sleep to her skill for finding new and innovative ways to destroys the sofa, she's an expert on living life to the fullest. Cats sleep like 18 hours a day, so they’ve obviously got something figured out.

If you’re in a lifestyle rut, these 5 cats can give you some brilliant advice on getting your groove back. And, of course, National Cat Day is about your own furball, not you. Give thanks for this newfound wisdom by finally getting around to scooping that godawful litter box.

Image: Unsplash

Stand up for yourself, sister!

It's easy to let people walk all over you and invade your space. Take a cue from your cat and tell personal-space invaders and rude people to get lost. Unlike your cat, it isn't necessary to pull the claws out and rip that touchy drunk guy at the bar to shreds. Use your words to bitch-slap the next guy who tries to get all up in your box.

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Make a graceful exit after screwing up.

We all do embarrassing things, some of us (me) daily. If you find yourself in a sketchy situation where you're almost certain you're going to end up looking like an asshole, stick your landing. As this fierce feline discovered, it's easy to find yourself in over your head, but looking fly on the way out is all that really matters.

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Take advantage of a good opportunity.

Too often, we miss out on something great because we aren't bold enough to take a chance. Cats approximately never feel this way. They know exactly how important it is to take a risk, take a chance, and steal your Dad's breakfast pastry.

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Taking care of yourself is extremely important, especially as the very-stressful holiday season approaches. Take a cue from your cat and luxuriate a little bit before things get too hectic. If you don't have a massage chair at home like this cat, score a LivingSocial or Groupon deal for an awesome massage. You work hard. You deserve it.

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As always, be fabulous.

If ever you get down, you must remind yourself exactly how fabulous you are. As this cat knows, it is extremely important to ignore the haters (the owners) and do exactly what you want (kill and dismember grasshoppers). You may not have the same diva flair as this cat, but you can certainly throw your nose up in the air and yell "BITCH I'M FABULOUS" at your detractors.

Image: PandaWhale