Groupon Australia Recalls Fake Durex Condoms Accidentally Sold On Their Site, Because They Were Full Of Holes

Remember kids: no glove, no love. But what if the glove in question may be full of holes? That's the question many Australians are suddenly faced with after purchasing condoms from Groupon. An Australian consumer rights group has found that Durex-branded condoms sold Groupon from March 12 until April 10 were defective, counterfeit products. One of the most troubling defects is that these condoms may have holes in the latex. Yikes!

The Australian rights group went on to initiate a recall of the knockoff condoms and advised that these condoms "may not prevent pregnancy or protect users from sexually transmitted diseases." Groupon will also be refunding its customers who purchased the condoms, but as The Daily Dot notes, some of these condoms were purchased over a month ago and could very likely have already been used.

It's unclear whether customers could file a liability suit against Groupon in the future shall they become pregnant or contract an STI. After thinking you're being a responsible adult, wouldn't it just suck to get a syphilis because of Groupon?

This whole ordeal is confusing on so many levels. For local chapters of Planned Parenthood, nonprofit sexual health centers, and safe sex groups that provide condoms to women, minorities, LGBT folks, and other underrepresented communities, this Groupon deal might have seemed like a life-saver (literally), especially when budgets for these programs are routinely being cut. The fact that Groupon didn't vet their products properly and could have sold them to these charitable groups with limited resources is indefensible.

Also, Groupon is now selling condoms? What else can you get on that site? Honey mustard? The Chicago-based daily deals site is now worth a quarter of what it was valued right after its IPO in 2011, according to The Daily Dot.

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