6 Carrie Underwood Songs You Probably Forgot About, Because Even Her Non-Singles Are Masterpieces — VIDEO

As someone who lives in the south, I commit the same cardinal sin every single day: hating country music. I cannot stand it. In a world where our local country stations take up all the presets in my boyfriend's truck and where just about every girl I've ever met has an unhealthy crush on Luke Bryan, I am an island. However, since I like to stay open-minded, there are a few country artists I enjoy listening to, and Carrie Underwood is one of them.

Maybe it's because she's a pop crossover artist, but her honest lyrics and her insane talent have always stuck out to me. Besides, homegirl is gorgeous. Is there anyone on this earth who would pass up the opportunity to look like Carrie Underwood? No, there is not. But mostly, I love her because of her music, and even though she's obviously had tons of successful singles in her decade-long career, there are plenty of amazing Underwood songs that you've probably forgotten about.

Don't get me wrong — her more memorable songs are pure gold, too. Few things make me feel better after a long day than singing "Before He Cheats" as dramatically as possible at the top of my lungs during the car ride home.

In case you want to experience a renaissance of your obsession with Underwood, let me be your guide. These are some of my favorite songs she's ever released, and even though some of them are ten years old, they definitely hold up.


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As one of Underwood's earliest singles, you might've forgotten this song existed, but I guarantee you still know all the lyrics. It's the perfect anthem for a breakup or a major life change. When Underwood puts the concept of living life to the fullest in these terms, it's hard not to listen.

Best lyrics: "For one split second, she almost turned around, but that would be like pouring rain drops back into a cloud."

"I Know You Won't"

Don't listen to this song unless you're in a bad mood already, because chances are, it will make you sad and remember every single time anyone has ever wronged you. Have you ever been in a situation in a relationship or a friendship where someone treats you like crap, but you can't stop yourself from being a doormat? This is the song for you.

Best lyrics: "Lately you make me feel all I am is a back-up plan."

"More Boys I Meet"

Guys, amirite? Change the lyrics to "The more boys I meet, the more I love my cat" and we're in business.

Best lyrics: "Why can't they be like the ones that mean everything to me, warm and loyal, open and friendly? It's not like I'm not trying, 'cause I'll give anyone a shot once."


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Finally, a happy song! This song is endlessly cute — and especially relatable if you happen to have trust issues and have finally found the person who managed to break down all your walls.

Best lyrics: "Here's how it goes: Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy. That's all I know, all I've done, all my life."

"Songs Like This"

I feel like this is the perfect song for anyone who is seeking revenge on someone who's wronged them. Fighting with your significant other? Are they making you feel like you're crazy for being mad? Sing it. You'll feel so much better.

Best lyrics: "And if it wasn't for guys like you, there wouldn't be songs like this. And if you hadn't gone and done me wrong, I wouldn't go off like this."

"Get Out Of This Town"

To me, this song brings back every emotion I had in high school, when I was so ready to get away from my hometown and be a grown up. It's funny, because back then, I didn't realize that real freedom tastes a lot like student loans.

Best lyrics: "If we leave tonight and drive fast enough, all of our troubles will be just like us: Long gone, baby."