Four Seasons Has Its Own Private Jet Now

Just in case the $2,000 Kentucky-Derby mint julep or $250 24-karat gold toilet paper doesn't scream mind-blowing luxury to you, Four Seasons has come to save the day. Four Seasons just unveiled its first private jet, a 757 Boeing that the company said was inspired by "caviar and champagne," according to CNN. The jet is outfitted with 52 flatbed seats in handcrafted leather, fancy tableware, a team of fine-dining chefs, concierge, and even guest services, should you be unable to find the bathroom.

The jet has 150 seats fewer than a standard 757, and was originally supposed to launch in February 2015. It's now taking reservations for around-the-world trips in 2016 with the first 24-day, nine-destination excursion starting at $132,000 per person. The cost includes stops and accommodations in Four Seasons hotels in Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, northern Thailand, Mumbai, and Istanbul, according to CNN.

Bloomberg News' Jennifer Parker said the repainted jet looks "downright sexy" in its new metallic black shade, and that overhead bins are nearly double their average size. Shelley Cline, president of TCS World Travel, a luxury tour operator who leased the jet to Four Seasons, declined to comment on the price of this jets makeover, but said a typical commercial "refit" would cost around $15 million. Obviously, this was anything but a typical refit.

Not to mention the added staff that you wouldn't find on any other flight at 35,000 feet: The Four Seasons jet has, at minimum, 21 hotel-trained staff on each flight, which includes 3 pilots, two engineers, a travel coordinator, a concierge, an executive chef, a physician, and a photographer, according to Bloomberg. The latter two come along depending on the trip. For example, passengers would need the best photos while diving in the Maldives' coral reefs, and they would need the security of immediate medical care while game watching in the Serengeti.

"I've been in prettier jets and smaller jets," Patricia Davidson, a guest on the jet's inaugural tour, told Bloomberg. She said the guest services on the Four Seasons jet sealed the deal for her. "Visas, insurance, and itineraries were all organized with swift precision. No request went unanswered — and they were kind, respectful, and playful."

According to Bloomberg, the only thing the flight doesn't seem to have is privacy — there's no partition to separate you from the passengers across the aisle. Sigh, I guess we'll just have to settle for the little enclosures on Air France's La Premiere class or the on-board bedrooms on Etihad.

But, hey, at least they're on point with amenities. According to Bloomberg, guests receive a Bvlgari toiletry kit, cashmere blanket, Bose noise-canceling headphones, and a custom-made leather travel journal by Moleskine with matching ballpoint pen. A Moleskine? Now that's luxury. But, wait, each guest also receives an iPad Air 2 prior to the trip, so that they can upload all their favorite music and movies to watch during flights. And here's the finale: You get to keep everything.

According to the Daily Mail, the aim of the jet is "to recreate the hotel experience ... which means creating innovative meals using fresh ingredients, served on the finest tableware and linens, all with impeccable Four Seasons service," the flight's chef Kerry Sear told the Daily Mail.

But, really, since when have you gone to a hotel and received Bose headphones, a Moleskine, an iPad — which you got to keep — and the staff were "playful"? Then again, how often do you pay more than $100,000 for a vacation? It's a big price tag, but, come on, a Moleskine!

Images: Four Seasons/YouTube