Kim Richards' Dr. Phil Interview Will Be Extremely Emotional Based On The First Footage Released — VIDEO

Ever since it was reported that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was arrested, many have wondered what exactly happened that night. Well, Richards opened up to Dr. Phil in an interview that will air Tuesday, April 28. Not only does Richards address her arrest, but she opens up about her sobriety in front of her children, who also are part of the conversation. The episode will prove to be extremely emotional, especially based on the first footage released. As shown below, Dr. Phil doesn't hold back, which prompts Richards to storm out of the interview.

At one point, the talk show host inquires, "Are you living a lie telling everybody I've been sober for three years?" He then adds, "You are drunk in a bar fighting with a cop. That is not good mothering!" That statement becomes too much for Richards who exclaims, "Is this an intervention? I'm sorry, I can't!" Then, Richards is shown exiting the room.

According to an insider who spoke with E! News, "Kim went into the interview with an open mind and genuinely wanting to do the interview but once she got there she became very upset and frustrated. Her frustration grew because she began to realize what she was in for." The source added, "Her kids were starting to talk like it was an intervention and Kim couldn't handle it. You could tell she felt cornered and hadn't realized what she had signed up for. She got up, and left in a huff yelling and cursing — anyone who was around her at the time could hear her shouting obscenities as she made her way out."

The Dr. Phil Show on YouTube

As for whether Richards returned to the interview, well, I don't know. With that said, it does seem like Richards will divulge details about the night she was arrested. In the clip, she tells Dr. Phil, "I poured a drink of vodka, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, what have I done?'"

On April 16, Richards was arrested and charged with publication intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer, and battery on an officer after she allegedly refused to leave the Beverly Hills Hotel. She's set to appear in LAX Superior Court on May 10.