Five Things You Never Knew About Your Bedroom, Because Historically It Wasn't That Sexy Of A Place — VIDEO

The bedroom is one of the most intimate places in our lives, yet it's amazing how little we may know about it. Stuff Mom Never Told You is giving you the scoop. I'm willing to bet you didn't know these five bizarre bedroom facts — but hey, now you can be armed with all the knowledge you need to make the most of the most private place in your home. Consider it vital information for your everyday life.

Cristen Conger, the host and creator of the channel owned by How Stuff Works , decided it was only fair to begin the video by letting you in on a secret about her own bedroom — she films her videos inside of them (and not a studio)! Fun, right? In her ever-creative fashion, Conger knew that most of us would probably assume this video was going to be sex related, since our culture associates bedrooms with sex. As such, she decided to make the facts to which she draws attention center around what she coins the very unsexy history of bedrooms. This tactic is pretty clever, since although the bedroom can be alluring and sensual, it's often full of mysteries we'd rather other people didn't know about: Our five-year-old stained sheets, our unorganized closets bursting at the seams, and the wine stain on the carpet that was the result of a night of drunken antics better left behind in college, for example.

In the spirit of owning the often unsexiness of our bedrooms, let's explore a few of the facts she highlights:

1. Bedrooms Used to be Communal

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Back in the Middle Ages, bedrooms were anything but private oases, as everyone but royalty had to share sleeping quarters. This obviously didn't provide for ideal conditions for sexy times, so peasants had to fulfill their needs outside. Since their outdoors were probably not that private and filled with trees, that sure doesn't sound comfortable.

2. Bundling Was How Engaged Couples Slept

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While sleeping in bed with your partner nowadays is considered to be romantic and enjoyable, back in the day this wasn't possible or permissible. Couples who were engaged to be married or seriously dating were sometimes allowed to share a bed, but only if they partook in bundling. Bundling meant that the man and woman were literally tied down to the bed and a piece of wood was placed in between them, to prevent them from getting hot and heavy... and you thought dating in your teens was awkward!

3. Separate Bedrooms For Lovers Used to be Commonplace

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Nowadays, married couples sleeping in separate bedrooms is thought to be a sign of a troubled relationship, but did you know this was how married people slept in the Victorian era? The rise of couples cohabitating but sleeping in separate rooms has been a hot topic of discussion in the media over the last few years, so maybe the Victorians had it right.

To learn even more interesting bedroom facts, watch the full video below.

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