The Falling Flowers Print Trend Is Quite Possibly The Prettiest Thing To Happen This Spring

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You could easily attempt Spring 2015's '70s trend with its fringed suede skirts or the elegant athleisure trend by sporting striped silk sweatpants, but the season's most enticing fad is the falling flowers print. Any street style blogger can sport a floral-printed frock and call it chic, but those in the know are subverting beautiful blooms for a trend that appears altogether more avant-garde. Designers from Donna Karan to Naeem Khan displayed moody prints evocative of flower petals cascading from full blooms on their fashion week runways, a far cry from the fresh bouquets of seasons past. And the trend didn't stop at Fashion Week. Outlander viewers may recall title character Claire stepping out in a regal silver confection embroidered in a scattering of silver oak leaves which gave the illusion of falling gracefully towards the gown's hem. Whether the omnipresence of falling petals as opposed to buxom blooms is meant to be a commentary on society's downward trajectory or simply a trend that evokes the beauty of fall is unclear, but you you still shop the trend regardless of its deeper significance. Read on for nine frocks that capture one of the season's most subtly subversive trends.

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