When Is Shark Week 2015? Watch The New Promo & Get Ready To Sing Along — VIDEO

Even though we should live every week like it's Shark Week, it's good to know when the actual Discovery special is coming. The festivities will kick off on July 5, and in the new Shark Week promo for 2015, Billy Idol is here to tell us why we should tune in. That's right — the '80s rocker sings this year's theme song, and his raspy voice touts Shark Week as "the most wonderful week of the year." The lyrics to the Christmas song are changed to, "On the beach there'll be yelling and everyone telling you Shark Week is here. It's the most wonderful week of the year." Even though Rob Lowe's ads were better last year, Idol is still a great spokesperson as he screams it will be "jawsome."

The video shows some footage that will make you nervous — like a woman in an innertube with a bunch of sharks swimming below her and a guy diving into a pile of them — as well as some fun shots on the beach. It's just a teaser of the insanity to come, since Discovery is expanding Shark Week to the "Summer of the Shark" this year with specials from July 5 to 12 and another in August. Now's the time to brush up on your Shark Week vocabulary, because we only have a few months to go!

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Image: Discovery/YouTube