Woman Totally Upstages A Dude With FlexCam At A Football Game, He Sits Back Down In Shame, And The World Is Perfect For A Moment — VIDEO

Listen, you don't gotta tell us women are 100 percent capable of kicking ass. But it's a fact that's a whole lot more fun to reveal as a potentially soul-shaking surprise. Remember that 8-year-old boxing champ? At last Sunday's Philadelphia Soul game, a woman showed up a guy on the FlexCam, out-flexing him big time. Her biceps could have absolutely crushed his. And he knew it. I mean, clearly he knew it, but his shameful reaction is so priceless.

There's a lot of things I don't understand about sports and sports game culture. Which team is which, again? Where am I supposed to sit? Is the wave still cool? Why do beers cost $12? Among these inexplicable phenomena is a twist on the long-lived Kiss Cam (which I vaguely loathe). It's called the FlexCam and it's pretty self-explanatory. Overall, the idea gives me anxiety—it's a lot of pressure! There you are, enjoying your $12 beer, watching the sports meeting, when the camera randomly selects you to complete a peer-pressured challenge. I can't decide which is worse: very public PDA or presenting a stadium with my deflated marshmallow bicep. Anyway, one woman shut down all other potential competition during a recent Philly Soul game when FlexCam happened to settle on the dude just below her. First, scope the competition:

This well-dressed child


True, he's got some sick stripe game and he does appear to be trying. However, he is sadly not a true competitor in this flex game. Maybe they should add a FlyCam, because then he would clearly win.

This Eagles fan


You're at a Souls game, lady. I looked it up and that means you're inside. Not outside. Sit down.

I...don't know where to start


Like, I want to co-host a backyard BBQ with him very badly and I cannot explain the reasons behind that because even I'm not sure. Regardless, this does not translate to the winning flex. Sorry, sir.

Anyway, as you can see, the competition was spotty. Some promising contenders, but none as buff and badass as the actual champion of the FlexCam. Watch as she strips her jean jacket (which, by the way, is a dope choice; seriously, cute jacket) and shows up the dude sitting the row ahead:

Philadelphia Soul on YouTube

Preeeach, girl. I am so happy someone shut down that guy's smug ass. Maybe if he spent half as much energy lifting as he did mugging, he wouldn't have to sit in his shame puddle.


Whatevs, dude, we all learn.

Images: phillysoulfootball/YouTube (4)