This Takes Temporary Tats To A Whole New Level

by Jamie Cuccinelli

Think that those leftover metallic tattoos are headed to the trash with everyone's wilted flower crowns now that Coachella has come and gone? Think again, my friend — luxury retailer Moda Operandi and LuLu DK are joining forces to create a line of temporary tattoos inspired by opulent jewelry pieces. Looks like the festival favorite is getting a high fashion makeover.

Fine jewelry that doesn't cost the equivalent of my college education? Yes please! The metallic tats are all crafted to look like exact copycats of jewelry by designers Alison Lou, Daniela Villegas, Noor Fares, and Paula Mendoza, but without price tags well into the thousands. "We were taking existing pieces of jewelry and turning them into tattoos. They look like real jewelry. You can wear a jewel for a fraction of the cost,” LuLu DK founder, Lulu deKwiatkowski, told WWD.

Priced at $48 for each set, this jewelry/tattoo hybrid is a purchase that'll allow you to still sleep at night, as opposed to the faint-worthy $18,430 price tag toted by Noor Fares jewelry, reported by Racked, and are available for purchase online, and in Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Anthropologie stores.

Now, can we try to make temporary tattoo jewelry pieces a regular trend? Because I need me some Tiffany diamond rings that won't force to live on Ramen for the rest of my days. Seriously, how crazy cool would temporary tats of these other fine jewelry faves be?

1. A Cartier Love Bracelet

So you can pretend to be Kylie Jenner, of course.

2. A Tiffany's Engagement Ring

No hubby required.

3. A Chanel Diamond Watch

This white gold, aquamarine, black spinel and diamonds piece is insane. But, hey, who are we kidding? I'd be down if it came as a temporary tat.

4. A David Yurman Petite Pave Necklace

The question is, will it have that same dainty, feminine charm as a tattoo?

5. Grillz

Hey, it could happen. Technology has come a long way, kids!

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