'Operator' App Will Connect Shoppers & Retailers

Shopping can be complicated, whether you're in the store, or doing it online. But an Uber co-founder's new project, Operator, will try to connect shoppers with retail shops in a new way — potentially eliminating the drama. The new app will allow you to not only search for a number of products and get assistance from a real person, but you can also snap a shot of old products in order to find replacements. I mean, how incredible is that?

Taking a new spin on e-commerce, Robin Chan and Garnett Camp (from Uber) have created an app that makes the shopping possibilities endless, while still maintaining the personal interaction of the actual store.

And I know, in today's society, a lot of communication with customer service representatives goes sour, but because of the way Operator is set up, things are a lot more personalized. Once you create a profile and start shopping, your preferences will begin to build, giving retailers and operators (see what I did there) the chance to get a better feel for what you might want.

You'll also have the opportunity to communicate in a much less awkward way than over the phone. Instead, the app uses text messages as the main line of communication. That way, you (AKA the Operator) can be finding that new bag you've been wanting, while you also make dinner, and read, and do all of the other things you do on the regular. The future of shopping has arrived and my bank account better watch out.