Custom Apple Watch Bands Are Already Available

It's here! The Apple Watch launch has arrived and with it, a variety of customized Apple Watch bands from companies other than Apple. Fashionista laid out a few of the crowdsourced options, all of which will make your smartwatch stand out from a sea of other tech nerds. Other companies are getting in early — or at least attempting to — on the hype surrounding the timepiece.

Yes, the Apple Watch feels like the Second Coming of the Digital Age, much like the iPhone did when that modern powerhouse launched back in the day. There is a ton of money to be made and a full market to be exploited with the Apple Watch in the fashion world, since it is an accessory and we all like to personalize the pieces that adorn our bodies... provided we can get our hands on these highly coveted items that we want to alter!

But because the Watch is just launching and it feels like all anyone is talking about, I'm a little wary to go investing in all these not-yet-produced bands. It's too much, too fast, and too soon. Like, shouldn't you try wearing the thing as is before you decide you need to customize?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While I'd love my (hypothetical future) Apple Watch to have a repeat print of my bulldog's handsome face or with the Chanel interlocked Cs, I think the first round of Apple Watch wearers needs to chillax a minute and not tinker with the watchband just yet. Patience is a virtue.

Here's three reasons I recommend waiting before swapping the strap.

1. It's the first generation.

The first generation of a new product is guaranteed to get an upgrade — what would be fun about something that's completely without the potential to be even cooler? So wait and see. I know all your fellow Apple superfans will be eager to get your hands on the second iteration as well.

2. Why mess with a good thing?

The watch has been designed with a lot of aesthetic factors in mind, and until you see how other watches look when changed and customized, you may not want to mess around with it on the quick.

3. Consider the fine print.

Changing the watch in any way could void contracts and warranties. If you hate the change you make, you may cause yourself more problems with changing it again or getting a replacement. And is all that really worth it for a polka dot or graffiti band that you might be stuck with for good?

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