16 Pretzel Recipes You HAVE To Make For National Pretzel Day, a.k.a The Yummiest Day Of The Year

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I don't think anyone could ever keep track of the amount of snack options out there, but I do think everyone can agree on one thing: pretzels are one of the best snacks ever, which is why I'm so excited for April 26, a.k.a National Pretzel Day.

Hard and crunchy or warm and soft, pretzels always hit the spot. It doesn't matter if they're long rods, little mini twists, sourdough nuggets, fresh from Auntie Anne's, or frozen soft pretzels, they always make a satisfying snack. But if you've been simply eating pretzels and not baking or cooking them into an awesome recipe, you are seriously missing out. Pretzels are so versatile! You can do so many things with them! Let's take advantage of this very special food holiday to talk about it. These 16 delicious pretzel recipes will have you eating this salty snack in ways you never dreamed of. You're welcome.

Image: Half-Baked Harvest

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