'Scandal’s New Gladiator Is Someone We Already Know & These Characters Are Definitely Possibilities

It's been a big week for Scandal fans. After learning that a left-for-dead Jake Ballard ws actually alive, viewers watched as Mellie started her run for Senate, Cyrus reluctantly defended feminism on national TV, and Olivia and Papa Pope's battles grew deeper, darker, and more disturbing. Yet all of that drama is nothing compared to what's about to happen on the show; as reported on Friday by TVLine, a new Gladiator is coming to Scandal , and he/she is coming soon.

According to the site, an episode in the near-future will see Olivia fill one of the empty seats at Pope & Associates, now that Harrison is dead and Abby's working over at the White House. Seeing as the season only has a handful of episodes left, that means the replacement is coming in the next few week. Excited? There's more. The new Gladiator is said to be someone Scandal fans already know, someone Olivia's met before on the show.

So who's the lucky (or unlucky, if you consider how many near-death situations those employees have gotten themselves into while working under Olivia) person? It hasn't been announced— but here are some guesses as to who the newest Gladiator could be:

Marcus Walker

Marcus, the community activist and D.C. mayoral candidate, is the most likely choice for the part. He's only been in a few episodes so far, but he's had just enough screen-time to get familiarized with audiences, and he's one of the most interesting characters Scandal's seen all season. Last time we saw him, he'd given up his political career by revealing the murder of the mayor's wife, but that doesn't mean he's out of sight for good. Liv did save his life, after all, and as Scandal fans know, that's the main criteria for being a Gladiator. Look for him to pop up again in a few episodes' time.

Liz North

Ah, Liz. The RNC Chairwoman likely doesn't have any plans to leave her roles in the White House, and she might not even be allowed, considering how much blackmail Cyrus and the others have on her. Still, she's a fascinating character, and it'd be interesting to see her work in the very different environment of Pope & Associates.

Leo Bergen

Look, Leo is an unlikely choice. He's perfect as a campaign consultant at the White House, and more importantly, actor Paul Adelstein is already a main cast member on Bravo's Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. Still: imagine Leo as a Gladiator, arguing with and pissing off every person in the room. Wouldn't it be great?

Michael Ambruso

Why couldn't Cyrus' fake-husband get a bigger role on the show? It'd be an interesting way to keep his marriage to the Chief of Staff front-and-center, plus having a regular guy (well, besides the whole prostitute thing) working at Pope & Associates would bring some fresh air to the serial killer/tech genius environment the company currently has going on.

Josie Marcus

Just because it'd be an amazing surprise if Lisa Kudrow's badass, feminist character from Season 3 returned to the show, only this time, as a fixer instead of a presidential candidate. Or, she could just come back as a candidate, or run against Mellie in the Senate race. Honestly, we'd accept reason for the return of one of Scandal's greatest guest stars.

Images: ABC