Where To Get A Storybook Clutch Like Kim K's

While we all might not be able to afford the amazingness that is a custom Olympia Le-Tan clutch like Kim Kardashian or even just a regular Olympia Le-Tan design, there’s still hope! There are plenty of places to buy a storybook clutch at a much more manageable price point. And thank goodness for that!

We first saw these storybook clutches a few fashion weeks ago, but Kim just gave the quirky trend another burst of life with her Mr. & Mrs. West: A Love Story version. Since seeing her bag, I couldn’t be more excited to shop this look. Whether you’d like your book to be about love or if you’re just into one of the classic novels, there’s a storybook clutch out there for you! Etsy has a slew of amazing handmade books-turned-clutches, and even ModCloth and Kate Spade have some stories to amp up your accessory game.

While you might not have the cash to spare to get a custom clutch from Le-Tan, there are plenty out there that are just as cute. Bonus: These clutches can double as decoration when you're not using them to hold all your stuff.

Shop some affordable storybook clutches below to recreate this Kim K look in a way that’s all your own.

The Never Ending Love Story Book Clutch ($149)

Alice In Wonderland Book Clutch ($105)

Heidi Book Clutch ($74)

Observations Of A Night Owl Book Clutch ($40)

Paul Bunyan Book Clutch ($58)

Images: Courtesy Brands