'Ravenswood' Recap: Homecoming Queen is Crowned and Questions About the Bridge Abound

Last time on Ravenswood, we found our five cursed teens plunging off of a bridge as a very The Ring-esque ghost watched over them. Remy, Olivia, Luke and Caleb wait in the hospital. But where is Miranda?! Tragically, it seems that lady-Caleb never made it out of the car. (It's all very The Vampire Diaries... too bad there's no Stefan around.) Caleb is pretty torn up, which is understandable considering him and lady-Caleb have been friends for a whole seventy-five hours. Miranda's creepy mortician uncle, who never seemed all that interested in her while she was alive, seems much more interested in prettying up her remains than he ever did in, you know, actually talking to her. The only person whom I would feel more uncomfortable living with would be Ms. Grunwald, who somehow makes offering Caleb macaroons sound completely unnerving.

During a much-needed nap, Caleb sees a vision of Miranda in the car. She tells Caleb to find the bag she left in the car... right before the ghost appears yet again, jolting Caleb out of the dream. Too bad that no one else saw the ghost during the real crash: the police think Miranda crashed the car over the bridge on purpose. (Apparently, small towns in Pennsylvania don't have the best track record).

Some good news though! Olivia won Homecoming Queen! Yay! Unfortunately, she also found some evidence that her mom may have been cheating on her dad. Could this be Luke and Olivia's mother's motive for turning into a murderess? (She does have that icy Basic Instinct thing going on...) Less important is the fact that Olivia's BFF Tess is just as conniving as I suspected... she's been macking on the school bully who happens to have a vendetta against Olivia and Luke's family.

While Olivia is questioning her friendship with Tess, Remy and Luke are enjoying all the benefits of a secret relationship. The sexy pebble throwing, the looks of longing... it's only a matter of time before things turn seriously tragic.

Caleb, however, does not have the time for his friendship with Toby or his relationship with Hanna. No, Caleb is on the hunt for clues. Caleb and Remy look for Remy's car in order to track down Miranda's bag. Naturally, they head to the only pound still inhabited by a junkyard dog. Thankfully, Caleb uses his rough-and-tumble foster kid skills to evade the dog, snag the bag, and get verbally assaulted by Remy's overly protective (read: unnecessarily confrontational) boyfriend Luke.

What's in the bag? Yet another letter from Miranda's mother, asking her to come to Ravenswood. As Caleb reads it, Miranda shows up and tells Caleb to not like, freak out. Because she's dead. And will remain very much dead. (So this is a thing, Ravenswood? Killing off lady-Caleb for, like, real?) Miranda has some otherworldly knowledge to share with Caleb, none of which is very comforting. The most important information Miranda passes along? That the ghost who pushed them off the bridge wanted all five of them dead. Eep.

On next week's Ravenswood, Miranda is still dead, Caleb is still clue-hunting, and the damn ghost is still after them. Sigh. Kids, move out of Pennsylvania.

—Written By Kaitlin Reilly

Image: ABC Family