These Wet Dog Photos Will Make Your Day

It's no news that furry friends of the canine variety have our hearts wrapped around their cuddly little paws. Inspired by the personality change the photographer saw in her own dogs when wet in the bath versus dry, Serena Hodson's dry Dog Wet Dog photo series ventured to document the human-like mood change in a series of 12 images. While some pups can't get enough of the bath, others aren't so jovial when exposed to the elements. From Australian Shepherds to Pomeranians, each picture is an adorable representation of the breed's personality.

Hodson herself is no stranger to animal portraits. She's made a name for herself at an international scale by capturing images of her dogs, Rocco and Ralph (RIP) since 2008. "I now have the pleasure of a British Bulldog and a French Bulldog called Simon & Garfunkel who are my absolute pride and joy," Hodson tells Bustle. "It's their personalities that inspire me every day." Though she initially started out as a graphic designer, her passion for dogs has catapulted her to puparazzi prominence. Take a look at the series below.

Angelica the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen


Bone the Old English Sheepdog

Texas to California style like...

Casper the Afghan Hound

When you have a long day at work and round it out with thirsty Thursday.

Daisy the Shih Tzu

Checking up on bae's Twitter account like...

Garfunkel the French Bulldog


Gizmo the Pomeranian

When you get really bad news but you're cool.

Harry the Lhasa Apso

"This just doesn't look like rose gold ombre to me, Jennifer."

Henri the Wire Dachshund

When resting bitch face attacks.

Little G the Chow Chow

Adderall? What Adderall? :D

Miss Mei Li the Mini Poodle

Left: Instagram. Right: Tumblr.

Pippa the Bichon Frise

When Instagram purged all the fake followers and you were like...

Simon the British Bulldog

Feeling a little droopy.

Hudson the Australian Shepherd

When you get your brand new blow out wet.

"The results are whimsical and quirky pet photographs that subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) convey hints of hilarity, wistfulness, and humour, all combined to make you feel all fuzzy and all the more in love with dogs," Hodson says.

For more of this (because, yes) head over to Hodson's Facebook page.

Images: Courtesy of Serena Hodson