Candace Cameron Just Cut Her Hair Off

Full House (and soon to be Fuller House) star, Candace Cameron Bure has a bob haircut now! The actress chopped off her long blonde locks, revealing a gorgeously modern, wispy, layered 'do on her Instagram.

Ever since the announcement that Netflix is set to revive the fan favorite '80s/'90s sitcom, Full House, everyone had been reminiscing on what they made them love the show back in the day. From Michelle Tanner's "You got it, dude!" catchphrase, to ridiculously cheesy plot lines, and Joey's Popeye impressions. But, after spotting Candace's fresh, new bob on the 'Gram, I suddenly remembered another reason we loved the show: the big, beautiful, ridiculously '80s hair of the Tanner clan.

The '80s were a memorable, questionable time of pouffy bangs, skyscraper 'dos, and crimped, teased locks. And the guys and gals on Full House have seen it all. How could anyone forget Uncle Jesse's swoon-worthy, Elvis-inspired mop, or DJ's crazily teased bangs? Who knows what modern 2015 hairstyles (Lobs? Ombre dye jobs? Pastel-colored locks?) Fuller House will hold, but those epic styles of yesteryear deserve to be remembered. So, I've complied a list the best and worst hair moments of Full House for a trip down memory lane. Prepare yourself for scrunchie overload.

The Best

Post-Freshmen Year DJ

Once she figured out the whole hairspray thing (less is more), DJ rocked some pretty luscious locks that made all of us jealous. Just take a look at her Insta and you know the girl has still got it.

Pink-Haired Jesse

Who knew this would become a thing in 2015?

When Michelle Went All Madonna

Now this was just plain awesome.

Uncle Jesse & Aunt Rebecca (2gether4evr)

You know the Couples' Hair Award has just gotta go to Jesse and Rebecca. She always looked like she just stepped out of a salon with that perfect blowout and all of his hair flips definitely flipped a few hearts (after the death of his Season 1 mullet, that is).

And The Worst...

The Haircut from Hell

I don't think there could be a worse sound than an "uh-oh" from the person "pretend" cutting your hair. Well, at least this marked the end of Uncle Jesse's awful mullet.


Oh Vicky, no one liked you or your hair...

Stephanie's Scrunchie Phase

Just look at that thing!

DJ Pre-High School

OK, we all make some mistakes in middle school. DJ's frizzy, teased, big head of hair was definitley one of those. But, at least she had confidence in it and rocked those scruncy, crunchy curls.

Kimmy Gibler

Girlfriend, what are you even doing?