15 Puppies That Will Make Your Monday Better

Puppies of the Internet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. There's no denying that in 2015, there are simply puppy Instagram accounts you need to follow. It's a fact of the universe. Unless you're doing a social media blackout to calm your Insta-addiction, or are mourning the recent loss of a pooch close to your heart (my condolences), there's no excuse for not having a favorite InstaPup and a favorite PuppyChannel. The dogs of Instagram have passed "cult following" and "innocent hobby" and have settled into our hearts as a way of life. It's almost weird not to be following a handful of carefully selected puppy accounts on social media.

I challenge you to find one person, even the person with the most severe dog allergies, that would not, at the very least, crack a half-hearted smile when you showed them a picture of a pupperz. At least once a week, I talk about how badly I want a dog, which is a result of several things:

  1. A canine biological clock I seem to have set off in my system
  2. Living in Los Angeles where there are literally more dogs on the sidewalk than walking pedestrians
  3. Because of the pups on social media

It’s not the right time for me to get a dog, so I console myself in the only way I know how: by turning to the Internet. The beautiful, sweet Internet, home to every dog of my dreams.

Here are 15 dogs of the Internet that are guaranteed to make your day better:

1. This little newborn pomeranian talks back to its owner:

The owner's pretty committed to keeping the conversation going with this little puff ball.

2. This puppy does not want to take a nap and it's amazing:

German shepherd mama for the win.

3. The Notorious D.O.G., Biggie Smalls

It's hard to go wrong with puppies and rap lyrics. They go together like wine and cheese. Sort of.

4. A teacup chihuahua after his bath. Try and top that:

There's an episode HIMYM in which Barney Stinson uses a teacup pig to meet women. He might've been better off with this guy.

5. Beagle videos FTW. I have always wanted a beagle and am told that no, that's a terrible idea because they're difficult dogs. But watch this video and then tell me not to get a beagle:

BRB going to find a beagle.

6. Menswear Dog has your next outfit all planned:

Rockin' hats like no dog or human has ever rocked them before.

7. Puppy gets so excited that he literally dances when he sees his owner:

Unless you're watching this while listening to "Shake Ya Tailfeather," you're just not getting the full effect.

8. Digby & Aloyius belong in Williamsburg because they are the hippest duo you've ever seen:

You can call them the Van Winkle boys. They're like the Winklevoss twins from the real life Facebook saga and/or The Social Network. Except not.

9. You cannot forget about the legendary Beagles of Instagram:

This account is great because it shows a variety of beagle pups from all over the world, aka, my dream come true.

10. Newborn Great Dane yawns and makes the world a better place:

I know dogs yawning isn't a phenomenon, but it's pretty news worthy when it's a new born puppy.

11. Baby pug plays with cotton balls and makes you feel worthy of love and happiness more and more with every passing moment:

Hopefully he doesn't pull an Elf and try to swallow them.

12. This husky puppy does not want to go down the stairs. Stop pressuring him, guys. He's happy right where he is, thank you very much.

He looks like a little baby fox! A little baby fox that does not want to go past the first step. (Note: You need to turn the volume up because hearing him yap will literally make your heart melt into a million tiny little pieces.)

13. Potato the Bulldog is the biggest, goofiest dog in Los Angeles right now:

He hopped off the plane at LAX with his dreams and his cardigan. Things have been going pretty well ever since.

14. This husky does not trust Easter Eggs:

I'm pretty partial to this video because the husky shares my name. Not only that, but she's got smarts. She probably isn't touching the Easter egg because she suspects there's chocolate and doesn't want to get sick.

15. And finally, there's an entire channel and website devoted to teacup puppies you can adopt:

I mean... that little pom is worth flying over seas for.

Image: dailypuppy/Instagram