You Can Shop Chiara Ferragni's Closet

Thanks to the social shopping app Depop, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni is selling clothes from her closet. So that means yes, we can enjoy all the super chic outfits she posts on her delicately posh Instagram in real life. Tomorrow in NYC, Depop will be hosting an event that will allow aspiring fashionistas to take a gander and purchase Ferragni's wardrobe.

What does this mean exactly? Picture yourself casually walking around an outdoor swap meet. OK, now imagine every stand hawking Louboutin pumps and Marc Jacobs handbags. Oh, the marvel of it all. If you don't live in the Big Apple, don't worry. You can still browse through some of the blogger's closet online through Depop. I

Oh, and here's one more reason to shop The Blonde Salad's epic closet sale: proceeds are going to charity! According to Who What Wear, "Everyone involved will be donating 10 percent of their sales and any clothes that they don’t sell to The Housing Works Organization." Major score.

On selling some of her clothes, Ferragni explains, "There are many amazing clothes in my closet that I barely get to wear, so I'd rather give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them. I use Depop because it's fun, quick, and easy: It takes me less than a minute to post an item for sale and I can do it straight from my phone."

Well you don't have to ask me twice about taking a look at your closet, Chiara. I've pretty much already planned the pieces that I seriously need by looking at your Instagram. So while we're at it, let's look at 7 items we need from the blogger's wardrobe. But hey, I call dibs:

1. This beautiful Burberry ensemble:

2. This Calvin Klein get up:

3. Coachella's over, but so what? I need this Chanel handbag:

4. Um because we all need an kissy faced top from Tak. Ori:

5. A Maison Valentino dress from Fashion Week? Yes, please:

6. Can't forget about the Louis:

7. Yes, just yes:

If you're in New York tomorrow, make sure to stop by Root Studios (443 W. 18th St.) from noon to 5pm. Go, go, go!