Diane von Furstenburg On Hillary Clinton's Pantsuits: Who Cares?

Diane von Furstenberg is definitely the leader of a very strong tribe of women. She honored many of her friends last night at the sixth annual DVF awards, which celebrates the incredible achievements of women "who have had the courage to fight, the power to survive, and the leadership to inspire." Diane Von Furstenburg also talked Hilary Clinton's pantsuits.

The honorees at the awards show included Melanne Verveer (the first-ever-ambassador-at-large for women's issues at the Department of State), Gabby Giffords (former U.S. representative), and Samar Minallah (a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and human rights activist). Von Furstenberg told Style.com, "I am so privileged to know them and to shed the light on their important accomplishments". The fashion designer also had lovely things to say about her close friend and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who also attended the United Nations event.

Of course, Style.com couldn't have an interview with the major fashion designer about the new presidential candidate without asking her what she thought of Clinton's fashion choices. "I think it’s ridiculous to focus on Hillary’s wardrobe. She is a woman of substance and she has wonderful confidence about her, and I think that if she is comfortable, that’s really all that matters."

The fashion designer seemed bothered that the public would judge a presidential candidate on their sense of style. She has a point. Their sense of style should be the least of our worries. She continued saying, "She is in the public eye every day, and so to judge her hair or her clothes seems unfair. No one holds men to these standards." Preach, DVF!

Diane von Furstenberg expressed her excitement and support for Hillary Clinton at her event on Monday night, saying, "I think Hillary is a compassionate, intelligent, strong, and powerful woman, and I am so glad she is running for president".

Sounds like Hillary Clinton has got DVF's vote!

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