Videos Of Nepal Earthquake Show Damage, Chaos, And Worried Mt. Everest Climbers — VIDEOS

On Saturday, Nepal, Mt. Everest, and India were all affected by an enormous earthquake. The 7.8 magnitude behemoth rocked the city center of Katmandu, and according to the BBC, death tolls are close to 880, with more feared missing and buried under collapsed buildings and homes. The photos of the earthquake are terrifying, and video of the Nepalese earthquake is equally troubling. In this day and age, it's rare that something isn't caught on camera, and this quake and its aftermath are no different. (Update: The death toll has now risen to over 3,800, and more than 6,000 people are thought to be injured.)

The videos are, of course, hard to watch, and their point is loud and clear: the damage is immense, the chaos is intense, and people are naturally frightened and confused. While Nepal has a storied history of earthquakes, it doesn't make this deadly tremor any less devastating. The city's famous Dharahara tower is in rubble, and the NY Times reports that 200 bodies were trapped inside. The facades of homes have completely fallen off. Dust is everywhere. People are in the streets, understandably afraid of returning inside, lest an aftershock occurs.

One man on the scene tweeted that he is thankful that the quake happened on a Saturday — schools were not in session. It's a somber, yet uplifting thought. Below, some video of the event:

Local TV

On the Ground

Mt. Everest Avalanche