20 Funny Mother's Day Cards For The Mom With An Amazing Sense Of Humor

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Mother's Day is approaching faster than you think, and this year is as good a year as any to get your life together and order your mom the perfect card. If your mom has a sense of humor, go for a funny Mother's Day card rather than something sappy and sweet. Sure, you could head to the store and pick up a generic card, but why not get something unique, handmade, and creative? It just shows your mom that you went that extra mile — and you know she'll appreciate it.

Etsy offers tons of Mother's Day cards, so many that it can be overwhelming to even think about shifting through them to find the right one. So, I did it for you. There are lots of hilarious options on the site, but I think these 20 really take the cake. Some are a little inappropriate, some are a tiny bit mean, but all of them should hopefully put a smile on your mom's face. Isn't it nice to give a card that will make the receiver laugh out loud every time they look at it? Yes, it is. Check out these 20 funny Mother's Day cards, and don't procrastinate — order them sooner rather than later!

Image: etsy.com

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