5 "Uncool" Things That Are Suddenly Super Trendy

The land of YouTube beauty tutorials is a strange, wonderful place that can supposedly transform you into Kim Kardashian, any Disney Princess of the last fifty years, or, as of late, teach you how to draw fake freckles onto your face. You know a certain beauty look is really trending when those YouTube tutorials begin cropping up so, behold the "How to Fake Freckles" makeup tutorials. Yes, freckles have reached the YouTube beauty vlogger standard of coolness. Apparently, the appeal of them lies in society's modern obsession with achieving a deceivingly "natural" beauty.

At least that's according to Stila's Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry Sarah Lucero, who told,

"Freckles instantly make the complexion look fresh, as if you have no foundation on. It's a beauty trick I use more often than you may think. If your foundation or powder looks cake-y, pop a few freckles on top. It will fool everyone into thinking you just have gorgeous, perfect skin, and that you're not wearing much makeup."

If there is one thing that those darn bloggers have a knack for, it's taking something that has been decidedly uncool for decades and probably would've gotten your butt kicked in middle school, and turning it into a bonafide trend. For someone who spent much of your teenage years trying to cover up your spots, this can be a lot to take in.

As XoVain point out, if you've ever stalked the #freckles tag on Tumblr, you know those little dots can absolutely gorgeous and deserve a ton of pride and confidence. But, there's something decidedly odd about wanting what is technicallyyy sun damage on your face. And, although I'm unfortunately uncool and freckle-free, I don't exactly think that the Jan Brady's of the world would be too pleased that their potential middle school woes are now something people dot on and wash off at their leisure. Or perhaps, we should just be thankful that there is now one less thing for kids to be ashamed about when strolling the middle school halls.

Either way, you gotta admit to just how crazy it is that so many of the things we used to be picked on for are suddenly too cool for school. Check out these other trends that you used to get you made fun of, but the hipsters of the 2010's have transformed into must-have looks that you're actually a loser for not having.

1. Big, Coke-Bottle Glasses

Suddenly being a "two eyes" is the insult.

2. Overalls and Other "Dorky" Clothes

I told you my overalls were cool, Popular Girl In 7th Grade.

3. Reading

What a bunch of NERDS.

4. A Gap Tooth

Looking unique isn't a bad thing anymore.

5. Digestive Abnormalities

OK, so maybe being allergic to gluten isn't exactly "cool" in the same way as dorky glasses, but we certainly have a lot more food options now than when I was growing up.

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