Finally, Cashmere You Can Throw In The Wash

For those of us who would prefer to spend most of our year wearing cashmere, but either can’t afford it or can’t stand the upkeep that goes along with it, fret no more! The Lululemon founders have created a fabric called “technical cashmere,” and it’s solving all of the problems that go along with owning the real stuff. Finally!

This new miracle fabric was created by Shannon and J.J. Wilson after wanting to find a way to “make cashmere not so precious.” In doing so, they planned to create a fabric that was less high-maintenance and, therefore, more wearable for people and their very busy daily lives.

“People are living these ‘full-contact lives,’ where you get up at 6:00 in the morning, work out, go to work, maybe you step outside for lunch, after work you have an event,” said J.J. Wilson. And cashmere doesn’t always fit into that type of lifestyle as well as people would like, unfortunately.

The main problems with cashmere are the pilling and that it has to be dry-cleaned. And honestly, who has time to deal with that sort of nonsense? These are exactly the types of issues that technical cashmere directly addresses, alleviating the bad parts of cashmere and keeping the good parts. Like the texture. Because really, there’s just nothing like it.

So, if you’re dying to know more about this scientific wonder of a fabric, here’s all the intel we have so far.

1. It can go in the washing machine

When you wash technical cashmere, it is supposed to keep its shape, making this fabric far easier to maintain.

2. It won't get all fuzzy

Because this fabric doesn’t pill, you won’t have to be as careful in it to keep from creating little fuzzies everywhere.

3. It took two years to develop

From conception to creation, the Wilsons worked on this fabric for approximately two years.

4. It's a blend

Part viscose, elastane, and cashmere means you get the feel of cashmere without the hassle.

5. The cashmere comes from Mongolian goats

The Cashmere they are using in the blend comes straight from Mongolian goats, who are sheared once a year when they start to lose their winter coats.

6. It's much cheaper

Where a cashmere sweater might run you upwards of $300, this fabric is much more affordable with pieces ranging from $58-$198.

7. This brand is using it to make really cool stuff

After creating the fabric, the inventors created an entire brand that uses it called Kit and Ace. The pieces are great for layering and wearing to work, or throwing on a pair of jeans with and being comfortable for the whole day.

Shop more technical cashmere at the Kit and Ace website.

Images: Giphy (6), Courtesy Brand