Here is some unexpected news to start off your day: According to Us Weekly, Scandal star Kerry Washington is pregnant with her first child, nearly five months after secretly marrying NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha in a super-private ceremony. While the news hasn't been confirmed by Washington or Asomugha's reps, sources close to the couple are reporting that the actress is indeed expecting. "She's about four months along," a source commented, noting that she's been keeping any hint of a baby bump hidden under "roomy" dresses.

It's possible that a rep won't confirm this news at all, given how private the couple is — in an interview with Glamour last month, Washington commented that she doesn't want to talk about her personal life in the media because she's "learned through experience" that it "doesn't work" for her."

"I'm walking around in the world with my ring. And when people say congratulations, I say thank you," Washington explained to Glamour. "But I'm going to continue to not talk about it and just let it unfold."

This news comes in addition to her recent marriage, an Emmy nomination, Scandal's major success, and Django Unchained's multiple Oscar wins — so it's been a pretty good year for Washington so far. Next, she's set to host Saturday Night Live this week.

Now, the biggest question: Will this be written into Scandal?