Russell Wilson Has An Adorable WHCD Date

Well this is absolutely adorable. Following in the footsteps of celebrities bringing their moms and other family members as dates with them to special occasions, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went one step further in this precious tradition by taking his grandmother Carolyn to the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. Wilson had his pick of dates to the event entitled Nerd Prom like his rumored girlfriend Ciara — in fact, earlier in the week The Washington Post reported that AOL listed Ciara as Wilson's date for the WHCD. However, that information was later denied. But to be honest, as cool as it would be to see the rumored couple to actually step out as official, it's so much better to see Wilson with his grandmother because honestly, bringing a family member has to got be way more fun to events like this.

Now this is not a diss to anyone else who brings romantic dates to special, televised events. But think about it. Not only do you get the comfort of having a family member with you during this special night, you're guaranteed to have at least one great story from the night. For example, Joaquin Phoenix told Jimmy Kimmel that he brought his mother with him to the Golden Globes, and his night ended with his mother dancing around at P. Diddy's after party. Then there's Ryan Gosling's story about bringing his mother to the Oscars and she was embarrassed the whole night that she wore a beehive. Fortunately for Mama Gosling, Meryl Streep later turned to her and said she was jealous she had not worn her hair up too.

Here's hoping we get to hear a sweet, hilarious story from Wilson about spending the White House Correspondents Dinner with his grandmother soon.