7 Questions 'OUAT' Needs To Answer This Season

Are you totally obsessed with Once Upon A Time like I am? Never mind the fact that I'm a grown woman and long ago stopped reading fairy tales — I'm addicted. Sure, the acting may leave a bit to be desired from time to time and some of the dialogue might cause a few snickers, but the stories the show's writers concoct on a weekly basis is brilliant, exciting, and totally addicting. But with only three episodes left in Season 4 (well, four if you count the 2-hour finale on May 10 as two separate episodes), there are still so many threads left untied and questions we need answering before it comes to an end. Will it happen? Doubtful, but I'm not giving up yet!

Of course, as fan of OUAT who's been with the show from the beginning, you probably realize that for every question we have answered, another three mysteries will pop up. It's what keeps the series moving along and what makes it so great to watch. Still, Season 4 has introduced so many new characters and plot twists that I think we've got a few things to wrap up before we can move on to the next crop of storylines.

Here are 7 things I'm hoping we deal with on Once Upon A Time in the next few weeks.

Will Regina get Robin back, or what?

Robin is currently outside of Storybrooke with Marian — or who he thinks it's Marian. We know it's actually Zelena, who killed her and stole her body without anyone noticing. Regina was going to go save him, but Cruella kidnapping Henry kinda put a wrench in this plan for the moment. We need to find out whether these two are gonna work out or not, because I don't want Season 5 to be all about Regina pining over Robin when there's no chance of a reunion.

What's Zelena got planned?

Listen, the fact that they even brought Zelena back when she was CLEARLY DEAD is a hot mess in and of itself, but I guess we just have to accept it because, you know, magic and all. Now that she's back, she kinda needs to do something big and get on with it. Something other than pretending to be Robin's actually dead wife just to get at Regina.

Just how dark is Emma going to get?

We all know Gold's plan is to turn Emma dark in order to ensure that the villains get their happy ending, and frankly, she has been looking a lot more... I don't know, worn out. Like the sparkle in her eyes has dimmed a bit. Of course, she's not full on evil yet, but with Lily's return looming, that may happen sooner than we think.

Will Gold's plan to force the Author to write him a new story succeed?

Gold's got the magic ink to allow the Author to write a new story, and while the Author doesn't really have a reason to help him, his job is to write, and the only way he can is with Gold's help. Of course, if the Author did indeed give Gold what he wanted, the lives of everyone else in Storybrooke would be turned upside down...

Will Cruella's plan to kill the Author succeed?

Of course, the Author will never be able to help gold if Cruella gets her way and kills him first. Frankly, if everyone hadn't been so selfish and thought that the Author could solve their problems, he would never have been released from that book (Henry could have torn the pieces to shreds and thrown it in the fire) and we wouldn't really be in this situation to begin with.

Will Emma forgive Snow White and Prince Charming for lying?

This teenage temper tantrum Emma's throwing over the fact that Snow and Charming never told her that they made a serious bargain — and a pretty messed up decision — in sacrificing Maleficent's baby to ensure Emma would be good is getting old. Yes, it's a big deal, and yes, they're sorry. But everyone's a grown adult and there are bigger things at hand. Emma needs to build a bridge and get over it so they can start working together as a team.

Is Lily's storyline going to be the Season 4 cliffhanger?

We know we're about to meet Maleficent's long lost daughter Lily, who just so happened to be one of Emma's former buddies from foster care. Given that she's coming into the picture so late in the season, we're likely to end with a pretty big storyline surrounding her character, for better or worse!

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