8 Times In Life You Want Your Mom To Be There

by Chrissa Hardy

No matter how old you get, there will be times you need your mom's kind and supportive words. You could be having a great day, or be on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown, and either way, your mom should be the first one you call (in addition to the required call on Mother's Day, obvs). Mom knows best, and she always will. At some point, you will be old enough, responsible enough, and settled enough to make your own big decisions, but even when you get there, Mom wants to hear all about it. She loves you more than she loves herself, and she wants to be in the loop about any detail of your life.

So this Mother's Day, celebrate Mom and all she does for you. Honor the woman who bandaged your scraped knee and made you PB&Js with the crusts cut off. And even now that you're an adult, she's the woman who sent you money when you needed unexpected car repairs, and who made you PB&Js with the crusts still cut off. Your mom will be there for you through thick and thin, and these are all the moments in life when you'll need her more than anyone. Go on, give her a call, and say thanks.

1. After a breakup

She's been there, and when you're hurting, she's hurting. So pick up the phone and cry it out. If she lives close by, she'll probably immediately grab some ice cream and tissues and head on over. If she's far away, she'll still be there to let you vent.

2. During a fight with your bestie

Mom is your original BFF, and she will automatically take your side, which is what you need right now.

3. After a stressful day at work

Mom has had way more stressful days at work than you have, so she is the perfect audience for this predicament.

4. During a Gilmore Girls or Parenthood marathon

Really any show that Lauren Graham is in. But these two in particular showcase the bond between mother and daughter better than any other show on TV, and they are so very binge-able.

5. When you're sick

She's been wiping your nose and taking your temperature for years, so she'll know exactly what you need in order to recover.

6. After you handle a really tough obstacle like a BOSS

Win an award? Call your mom. Nab a coveted promotion? Call your mom. Stand up to a toxic frenemy or shady coworker? Call your mom.

7. When you cook a really delicious meal for the first time

If Mom is an incredible cook, she'll be beaming with pride to hear that you can whip up a delicious meal for yourself.

8. Once you think you've found "The One"

Above all else, she wants you to be eternally happy. So if you think you've finally found the person you can see spending forever with, tell Mom all about him or her.

What he said.

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