Where Is Duane From 'Full House' Today?

Some of the most iconic episodes of Full House come from the show's earlier seasons, but I was always a fan of the episodes that showcased the Tanner girls when they were just a little bit older. The reason? We got to see all of the antics that the teenage D.J. and her best friend Kimmy got into — especially when it came to dating. D.J. and Steve may be Full House's ultimate endgame couple (at least, they are in my head) but it was Kimmy's love life that provided the most entertainment — like, say, her relationship with Duane. Played by Scott Menville, Duane only said "whatever" and managed to remain Kimmy's main squeeze for three episodes of the series. Though he was only around for a short time, he made quite the impression — and not just because he came very close to marrying Ms. Gibbler. You see, despite his love of Shakespeare, Duane preferred to use that one word to get his point across, which is a tad ironic considering that actor Menville has built a career out of talking.

So what is '90s sitcom actor Menville doing today? You might have recognized him from some post-Full House projects, and if you're a cartoon fan, then you've definitely heard this guy's voice before. Here's what Menville has been up to since his "whatever" days.

The Parent 'Hood (1995-1998)

After Full House, Menville moved on to another family sitcom. He portrayed Ira, a friend of the kids, for 10 episodes.

Early '00s Cartoons

Menville voiced a variety of characters on some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, from The Powerpuff Girls to The Wild Thornberrys.

Lots Of Superhero Stuff

The actor voiced characters on the Superman series in 1998 and the Justice League in 2003, but perhaps his most iconic role is that of Robin in Teen Titans. Menville voiced a young Robin in Teen Titans from 2003 to 2007, then again when the show was brought back for The New Teen Titans in 2011. He now voices Robin (as well as a variety of other characters) on Teen Titans Go!, which began in 2013.

Frozen (2013)

Menville provided "additional voices" to the biggest animated blockbuster ever, so keep an ear out next time you watch the new Disney classic.

The 7D (2014)

The actor portrayed not one but two of your favorite dwarves (Sleepy and Sneezy!) in this animated series based on Snow White's pals.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012-2015)

Menville voiced a ton of different characters on this Nickelodeon reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from Spooch to Crankshaw.

So what does Menville look like today? Let's take a look back on his Full House days first...

...And here's an interview of him today.

He's quite an eloquent speaker, no? Then again, compared to Duane, who isn't?

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