Amy Poehler Is a "Prick," Says 'Parks and Rec' Co-Star Rob Lowe

We already knew that Parks and Recreation is going to lose both Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones this season due to "developments in their storyline" (Leslie Knope sadface, FEEL THE HURT), but man, I did not expect it to hurt this badly. So, it's nice that we're finally starting to get some real answers as to why they're leaving — maybe if we all know the truth, it'll be a little easier to bear? For his part, Lowe revealed in an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday night why he's out the door: Rob Lowe said Amy Poehler is "a prick." (?!)

"I don't like to get into it publicly, but we hate each other," Lowe said to host Letterman during his appearance. "Amy Poehler has deeply offended [Rashida Jones and I]...Amy Poehler's a prick, what are you gonna do?"

It's obviously clear he's joking, but it's still pretty funny — especially as Rob Lowe-being-difficult has become somewhat of a running gag behind the scenes of the show, as illustrated in this hilarious Funny or Die video from earlier this year.

Alas, the real reason that Lowe is leaving Parks isn't Amy Poehler — it's actually because he was supposed to stay on for six episodes, and ended up staying for 88 when his character, Chris Traeger, became popular. He does say that he and Jones will likely be back for an episode here or there, but still: What will Pawnee do without their resident health fanatic, and Leslie without her bestie?

You can check out Lowe's Letterman appearance below.