The 8 Most Intense Stage Mothers In History

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Poor Mischa Barton — she's suing her own mother, Nuala, calling her a "financial vampire" and accusing her of swindling Mischa out of earnings for years. Behind many ambitious stars are equally ambitious mothers, playing the part of Mommie Dearest to the hilt for their own gain. The story of the intense stage mom is nothing new.

Lindsay Lohan's equally messy mom Dina and Kris Jenner, the "momager" par excellence, are thoroughly modern incarnations of a very old phenomenon. Mothers, often dealing with thwarted ambitions of their own, have pushed their children into the limelight for fame and gain for centuries (if they don't just wrestle it for themselves — hi, Empress Cixi of China). But Hollywood has been a particular breeding-ground for them, and some of history's most glittering actors have had very determined mothers pinching their arms behind the scenes.

You think your mother-offspring relationship is twisted? Wait till you get a load of this...

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