See Nikki Reed's Long-Sleeved, Lace Wedding Dress

Surprise, suprise! Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder got married on Sunday, April 26 in Santa Monica after only nine months of dating. When it's love, it's love, especially when you both star in separate but successful vampire franchises—she in Twilight and he in Vampire Diaries. Something else you will love? Oh, just Nikki Reed's wedding dress by designer Claire Pettibone, which was long-sleeved and lacy, with a sweet vintage vibe but very current vibe.

The gown was absolutely breathtaking. The actress, 26, wore a form-fitting, mermaid-shaped lace dress with long sleeves. Even though it is her second marriage — she was previously wed to former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald — Reed still opted for a crisp, clean white frock that looked amazing on her.

While lace can often mimic a doily or come across as old-fashioned, Reed's dress was anything but dowdy or ho-hum. The fishtail shape was classic and it wasn't too frilly, precious, or princess-like. In fact, it had a bit of a boho chic element to it. It was a wise choice not to go too over-the-top with the dress.

Alright, enough talking. How about some gawking? Let's have a closer look at Reed's wedding gown, which she paired with some shoulder dusting earrings, shall we?

Isn't the cut gorgeous? It hugs her figure.

Here is the dress from a few angles and with her handsome groom.

Images: Kasia1992zz/Twitter (1); BIEBERNSEX/Twitter (1)