Nikki Reed Went With A Down 'Do For Her Wedding

Twilight star Nikki Reed was a beautiful bride at her weekend wedding to Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder. Reed wore a long-sleeved, lace white dress for the nuptials. It had a subtle fishtail shape and it was both vintage yet modern at once. Nikki Reed's wedding hair was also quite lovely, as she opted to wear her long, brown locks in full waves, sitting on one shoulder.

Reed's loose locks and "down 'do" were a refreshing change, since so many brides, both celeb and civilian, tend to go with these ornate, complicated, and fussy updos in order to accommodate their veils. A stiff 'do often ages the bride, in my opinion, but Reed dealt with none of that.

Actually, judging from all the photos that I've seen, Reed skipped the veil altogether in favor of a cascade of warm and glossy chocolate waves, which were perched on her shoulder and held in place by a white clip.

While her dress had a hint of boho chic, her hair was much the same. Wearing her locks in tumble of waves was so unique and easy-going, and perfectly suited for an outdoor ceremony such as hers and Somerhalder's.

Let's have a few looks at the sitting-on-the-shoulder waves.

This 'do was so right for this gown.

The aerial shots also show her one-sided 'do.

Just gorgeous. Congrats to the genetically blessed newlyweds.

Images: wennie_XO/Twitter (1); TVDvampirelove/Twitter (1); kasia1992zz/Twitter (1)