I Gave MyIdol Makeovers To The 2016 Presidential Candidates, And Their Dance Moves Are Ridiculous

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I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to Huanshi Ltd. for helping me laugh for an hour straight today. That's the company that created MyIdol, the selfie animator app the entire Internet is obsessed with right now. As Buzz60 put it, MyIdol "combines everyone's love of selfies with dancing cartoons." Specifically, you can upload a picture of your face and the app renders you into a disturbingly lifelike cartoon who can do things like sing Chinese pop songs, pole dance, and practice kung fu. Can you blame me for spending half my weekend on this thing?

You know something is a wild success when everyone using it is navigating around Chinese characters — that's right; the app hasn't even been released in English yet, but non-Chinese-speaking people are making MyIdols of themselves just the same.

Well, now that everybody's (almost) had their fill making cartoons of themselves, it's time to try out this app on certain public figures. And no public figure needs to be rendered into dancing cartoons more than the 2016 presidential candidates, except the potential candidates. So I've gone ahead and included them all.

Feast your eyes on emo Ted Cruz, a pole dancing Chris Christie, and a music-festival-ready Hillary Clinton.

(You're welcome.)

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