What Does Your Love of Richard Say About You?

There are a lot of things in Friends that don't seem to tie-up with the modern twentysomething experience. (A huge, affordable multicolored apartment in Greenwich Village? Puh-lease.) But one of the many things that the show gets right is that relationships are eternally complex, and, before all of the Friends became more-than-just-friends, they went through a lot of other boyfriends, girlfriends, and marriages. Some of them forgettable, and some of them iconic characters that we still hold in our hearts to this day. Which makes me wonder, could a penchant for a particular non-Friends Friends love interest say something about your relationship?

I mean, I don't know, I'm just a girl with Internet access. But, with that Internet access, I've binge-watched the series like the best of them, and could probably deduce what kind of relationships you end up in based on my careful observation. Hell, I could probably even guess how they end, before you inevitably get together with your sibling's best friend in a way that is in no way weird and awkward.

So here's what I think your favorite Friends love interest says about your own relationships. And don't worry. By the end of your 20s, you and your own friends will undoubtedly be tied up in a cutesy, quasi-incestuous little package.

Janice Litman Goralnik

You believe in big personalities and unconventional choices. You have a main recurring squeeze that seems to return at the wrong times. Or is it the right times? Your boyfriend's friends tend to hate you, but you probably haven't noticed because you're incredibly confident and self-assured. Good on you, doll.

Most of Your Relationships End: When you're talking too loud at Applebee's again and your significant other decides to call it quits.

Dr. Richard Burke

You're sick of boys, you need a MAN... which is, incidentally, why you had an affair with your anthropology professor. Maybe it's because you're outwardly mature, or maybe it's because you're a high-strung and complicated woman with insecure guys who hide behind their jokes, but you love an older guy.

Most of Your Relationships End: Shortly after you see your old boyfriend take out his dentures to kiss you. A world of nope.

Carol Willick

One or two of your relationships have ended because of an identity crisis, mainly on your part. In all other areas of your life, you tend to be a straight shooter (ha) and open to compromise.

Most of Your Relationships End: By an act of infidelity, again, mostly on your part, but you SWEAR you're just following your heart.

Emily Waltham

Yikes. You don't believe in belabored love. You're more about embellishing quick nights of passion. And that's why you still think it could work between you and James Colton, your ruffled-hair beau from study abroad in London.

Most of Your Relationships End: When James all of a sudden likes your hot friend's Facebook picture. HOW DARE HE BE SO OPENLY INTIMATE AND HUMILIATE YOU LIKE THIS.

Mike Hannigan

You eccentric dandelion, you. You're all about weird boys with All-American Boy smiles and dogs they're a LITTLE too in love with. If they have a sharp mind under that, it's a bonus, but not a necessity.

Most of Your Relationships End: When your free spirit conflicts with a hidden need for convention, and the manic pixie dream guys can't deal with that.

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