Chuck Bass & Nate Archibald Reunite!

If you're a true Gossip Girl fan, then stop what you're doing, because I have some thrilling news. On Saturday, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford reunited at the 2015 Spring Break: Destination Education City Year Los Angeles, a fundraiser helping students stay in school and keep on the right track to graduate. Not only is it an event filled with celebrities, but has raised over $1.5 million, according to Just Jared. It's nice to see Westwick and Crawford giving back to such a worthy cause.

For Gossip Girl fans, we know the two actors best as Chuck Bass (Westwick) and Nate Archibald (Crawford). I don't know about you, but I couldn't get enough of Nate and Chuck. Actually, I had more of an obsession with Chuck — sorry, Nate. Anyways, even though the drama ended in 2012, fans of the series still love to see the cast reunite. This past February, some of the Gossip Girl cast members had a mini-reunion at the Academy Awards. Yes, it was as wonderful as it sounds.

Now, we're getting another mini-reunion, but this time with Westwick and Crawford. Does it get better than that? In addition to the image above, here is another photo proving that the two are still gorgeous as ever.

With that out of the way, let's celebrate this great Gossip Girl event with some moments that really sum up Nate and Chuck's relationship. You're welcome.

When They Looked All Film Noir

Chuck and Nate always looked like they belonged in classic Hollywood.

When Nate Almost Beat Up Chuck

Oh, the good old days of Chuck and Nate.

When Chuck Was A Great Friend

He always knew the right thing to say to Nate.

When They Talked Relationships

This is what best friends do.

When They Lounged In The Park

No one will ever look this good.

When Chuck Thanked Nate For His Friendship

*sigh* I need these two back in my life.

Images: Giphy; only-gossip-girl, leave-me-hypnotized-love, ksica, twentyaftermidnight, bassoutofhell/Tumblr