Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Past Her Due Date, So Looks Like Royal Baby #2 Is Already Taking After Prince George

For those who bet that royal baby #2 would arrive on Thursday, April 23, well, it looks like you lost some dough, because Kate Middleton didn't give birth on her suspected due date. That's right, the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly past her due date. According to Us Weekly, Middleton is four days past the date she was thought to welcome her new baby. Even though she was allegedly due April 23, a Kensington Palace aide told Us, "We have never commented on or discussed a due date."

That said, Whitehall sources told The Telegraph that the baby would come on April 23. Now, some are wondering if Middleton will be induced. Other sources reported that Middleton would welcome her second child sometime in April. More specifically, Brookhill Children's Centre volunteer Christie Osborne said that Middleton told her royal baby #2 would arrive "mid-to-end of April." So, if that is true, there's still time for Middleton and Prince William's child to arrive this month.

It's really no surprise that the duchess might be past due. Prince George was born on July 22, which was actually a few days after his due date. Per CNN, Prince George was actually due July 13. You know what this means? That royal baby #2 is already taking after his or her big brother. It's clear the new baby wants to follow in Prince George's footsteps.


Despite being reportedly late, it appears Middleton isn't letting it get to her. A source close to Middleton told Us, "She's doing well, in good spirits. Everyone is! Although it would be fair to say she's also eager for the time to come."

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