4 Charities In Nepal You Can Donate To

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that destroyed large parts of central Nepal over the weekend killed at least 4,000 people and left cities and villages completely destroyed. It could become the small nation's most deadly earthquake in history as the death toll continues to rise. According to NPR, in one district 400,000 people were affected and more than 4,000 homes were left unsafe to inhibit. Photos from the devastated areas show buildings totally collapsed and streets filled with rubble. Numerous countries have sent aid in the form of relief workers and supplies to help Nepal recover from the tragedy, and there are various charities to help victims of the Nepal earthquake you can donate to if you want to assist from afar.

According to UNICEF, there are about 1 million children in Nepal in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. There were shortages of food and water throughout the region following the quake and the people who lost their homes were left with nothing. "This crisis leaves children particularly vulnerable — limited access to safe water and sanitation will put children at great risk from waterborne diseases, while some children may have become separated from their families," UNICEF's website said. Here are a few organizations raising money for relief efforts in Nepal if you want to donate.


UNICEF's website says the global organization is "there for children — before, during and after a crisis" and that it's "on the ground working to provide critical aid to children and families" in Nepal.


Oxfam is accepting donations that will go toward aid workers on the ground in Nepal and northern India providing clean water, toilets, and shelter to thousands of people. The Oxfam website says, "You can help rush aid to survivors in the wake of this disaster."

Save the Children

Save the Children's website says that donations "will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families." Ten percent of the money give to this charity will go towards preparing for the next big disaster, as well as helping the victims of this tragic earthquake.

Samaritan's Purse

This Christian charity specializes in meeting urgent needs for victims of conflict and disaster and a Samaritan's Purse disaster response team arrived in Kathmandu Sunday to help with the relief efforts. "There’s a lot of hurting people here," said Patrick Seger, the team leader, on Samaritan's Purse's website.

Images: UNICEF (1); Oxfam (1); Save the Children (1); Samaritan's Purse (1)