Anna Kendrick & Kate Spade Latest #Misadventure Video Features A Case Of Mistaken Identity

I’m not quite sure how one confuses Anna Kendrick with anyone these days as the Pitch Perfect star’s career has been on the fast track with three films currently in the works and blockbusters like Twilight, Into the Woods and The Last Five Years under her belt, but I guess if you don’t own a TV or something, it’s possible. Not unfamiliar with identity mishaps, Anna Kendrick stars in Kate Spade New York’s #misadventure series, in which the actress is mistaken for a personal meditation instructor and gives an impromptu session for comedian Lily Tomlin.

Wearing Kate Spade originals from head to toe, Anna is quick to whip up a semi-relaxing-very-entertaining session for the stressed Tomlin, ending in a giggle and thank you. I will always appreciate Anna Kendrick for her quirky sense of humor, but I think my obsession over her stemmed from her work with Kate Spade in the first installment of the #misadventure series that released in December. Never have I ever laughed so hard at a clothing campaign, or wanted to buy Kate Spade more than I do now. Score one for the designer for recruiting the actress as the face of their campaigns, because who doesn't want to be as cool of a kid as Kendrick?

In an interview with Refinery 29, Kendrick admits that though she’s not exactly traveling light in the short film, note the navy and white striped tote bag filled to the brim with just enough room to fit her arm puppy, she’d be most likely to wear “one of those adult onesies” to the airport if it weren’t for the paparazzi who’d have a field day. So she probably wouldn’t be dressed to the nines in Kate Spade attire for a trip across the country. Understandable. However, if I owned a Kate Spade black hoop skirt or a navy tube top patterned with flamingos like the ones she gets her meditation on in, I would be wearing those everywhere and anywhere. Summer is approaching — and I think I just found my new wardrobe.