Photos Of Baltimore After Freddie Gray's Funeral Show A City In Turmoil As Protesters Call For Change

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Police brutality was brought to the forefront of the national consciousness last year, after a spate of citizen deaths sparked calls for change in law enforcement behavior. On Monday as a man was laid to rest, scenes of chaos outside the New Shiloh Baptist Church erupted as protests turned violent during Freddie Gray's funeral in Baltimore. According to The New York Times, rioters in the northwest of the city looted business stores and pummeled police decked in riot gear with stones.

The 25-year-old Gray died in late April allegedly amid dubious circumstances, a week after being chased and arrested by Baltimore police. Initially peaceful, the protests turned violent over the course over the weekend. Maryland State Police have asked for an additional 40 armed forces to the city on top of the 42 already sent there on Monday afternoon to assist Baltimore police. There are currently more than 280 state troopers in the city since last Thursday.

Monday's violence was cause for concern for Gray's family, whose attorney, according to CNN, said was sure they were "against what is beginning to develop here in town."

Here's what the city in turmoil looks like.

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