Bob Barker's 'Price Is Right' Return Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

No disrespect to skinny Drew Carey, but The Price Is Right hasn't really been the same since Bob Barker left. So, this is good news for those of you nostalgic for the past when you would stay home sick from school and watch the OG smile as he ripped people's dreams of winning a car away, only to offer them a new living room furniture set instead. According to E!, Bob Barker will return to The Price Is Right for his upcoming 90th birthday, which falls on Thursday, Dec. 12.

The game show announced the news on its official Twitter page, posting, "We are excited to announce that Bob Barker will Celebrate his 90th Birthday on #PriceIsRight." The appearance won't actually fall on Barker's birthday, though it will air on the day — instead, his episode will be pre-taped on Nov. 5, when he will host a "special showcase." Bring Aaron Paul back too! Now that would be a great birthday surprise.

The series, which Barker hosted between 1972 and 2007 — a whopping 35-year stint — will also honor Barker's efforts in animal charities the entire week of his birthday, and feature on-air pet adoptions. And we'll all get to hear him tell us to get our pets spayed and neutered one last time! The memories...

For the record, Barker has returned to the show once before since he left — in 2009, he returned to promote his autobiography, Priceless Memories. He previously claimed that he was left out of the show's 2012 40th anniversary special for being "critical" of the prizes they offered, including tickets to Sea World and the Calgary Stampede, both places "notorious for animal abuse."

Image: CBS