You Can Now Use Hashtag Emojis On Instagram, Plus 7 Fashion And Beauty Emojis To Use For Your Next Photo

You've probably heard by now, but if you haven't, prepare to be excited: emojis can now be hashtags on Instagram. Since we can now categorize our Instagram photos with emojis, there's basically limitless opportunities for hashtags. But of course the fashion and beauty emojis are the best, and we can't wait to see the posts hashtagged with our favorite dress and lipstick emojis.

Thanks to the smart phone and the obsession with texting our feelings via little cartoons, emojis have become a cultural phenomenon. They are everywhere you turn these days. Celebrities are wearing clothing donned with emojis, people are talking on Tinder using only emojis, you can create pieces of jewelry with your favorite emoji (or hashtag of course), people e are even getting emoji tattoos!

Emojis may become a thing of the past that we end up laughing about, but there's no doubt they are taking over the texting and social media world right now.

Here's our 7 favorite fashion emojis that should be used as hashtags for your next Instagram photo:

1. #[Dress Emoji Here]

There won't be an Instagrammed #OOTD photo without some sort of fashion emoji hashtag now, and we bet this dress emoji will be one of the more popular hashtags as fashion brands, fashion week, bridesmaids, and even girls going to prom will use very soon.

2. #[Purse Emoji Here]

Of course Glamour has already picked up on the emoji hashtag trend, and we know others will follow their lead by hashtagging fashion emojis. I want to see inside some celebritiy bags from this hashtag.

3. #[Salsa Girl Red Dress Emoji Here]

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this emoji is Blake Lively's Monique Lhuillier dress. She Instagrammed this photo of her red outfit before emoji hashtags existed, but we wouldn't mind if you edited your post, Blake.

4. #[High Heel Emoji Here]

From all the heel selfies that Sarah Jessica Parker posts, we think this will be her new favorite hashtag.

5. #[Diamond Ring Emoji Here]

OK so I'm sure we're about to see a surge of proposals with the one and only #[diamond ring emoji], but we think companies like Tiffany & Co will want to soon pick up on the emoji hashtag trend too.

6. #[Swimsuit Emoji Here]

There's no doubt we'll see an influx of #[swimsuit emoji] posts soon. We know Kendall would have hashtagged this photo with the swimsuit emoji in a heartbeat.

7. #[Lipstick Emoji Here]

We haven't seen anyone use the lipstick emoji as a hashtag yet, but we know someone who definitely should...

Images: The Zoe Report/Instagram; Glamour/Instagram; Blake Lively/Instagram; Sarah Jessica Parker/Instagram; Tiffany & Co./Instagram; Kendall Jenner/Instagram; MAC Cosmetics/Instagram