Klaus Made A Huge Mistake On 'The Originals'

Klaus has always been one to fend for himself, but he might've just made the self-serving choice that could condemn all of the Mikaelsons to death. Our favorite Mikaelson siblings — Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah — have been at-odds ever since Freya and later Dahlia arrived in New Orleans. Well, that might be putting it lightly, considering Elijah daggered Klaus on The Originals last Monday. And, this week, after obviously being manipulated by his aunt once he learned that she could help him be rid of the dagger, Klaus chose Dahlia over his siblings on The Originals . Oh, and he also is totally OK with the idea of killing Hayley — say it with me, "WTF?"

The Originals Season 2 has been entirely bonkers in comparison to what went down in its premiere season and it finally hit a new level on Monday. Klaus has always been out for himself and willing to turn on anyone that dares to defy him in even the slightest of ways, but siding with Dahlia might be the worst of the worst. I'd like to believe that Klaus wasn't so easily manipulated by Dahlia's assurance that she's the only person that can teach Hope how to use her magic and that she'd only siphon enough magic off of his daughter to keep herself awake, but I can't. Desperation has clearly done terrible things to Klaus' ability to see clearly, which means all of the Mikaelsons are totally screwed.

Dahlia obviously isn't here with Hope's best interests at heart and convincing Klaus that Hayley is the problem and that she needs to die is the most obvious power-play I've ever seen. (And I've been watching Klaus battle since his Vampire Diaries days.) Dahlia is turning Klaus into a monster to make it easier for her to take Hope away. While everyone is distracted by Klaus trying to kill them — yes, Elijah and Rebekah are also on his hit list — Dahlia can swoop in and try to take Hope. It's so simple — so, why can't Klaus see it?

Klaus has always had such a keen eye for deception, even when he's at his most vulnerable and self-conscious. So, what's happening now? Either Klaus is truly so emotionally devoted to his daughter that he's become blind or the fact that the tables have turned on him is really hitting him hard. Either way, Klaus is making a huge mistake thinking that Dahlia is his ally and will keep her promise about giving him a future with Hope. Hasn't he learned enough from fighting Esther all of this time? These witches are never what they seem and they're never offering that good of a deal.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW