What Has Brooke Burke Been Up to Since 'DWTS'?

by Jodi Walker

As you can probably recall, no one really knows why Brooke Burke was "let go" from Dancing With The Stars after eight seasons of hosting, and it hasn't become any clearer as the Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Special rolls around with replacement co-host Erin Andrews still, well, replacing. Sure, it's impossible for anyone to hold a personality candle next to Emmy-winning swag magnet Tom Bergeron, but Burke's exit right before Season 18 still felt kind of abrupt. It's not like she freaked out on live television and threatened to deck Derek Hough with the Mirrorball if Tristan MacManus didn't get a winning partner next season or something (a girl can dream). Brooke could have stayed there giving unnecessarily breathless post-dance interviews forever! But, per usual, I'm letting my emotional connection to TV stars get in the way of the truth — because the truth is, Burke has been doing just fine following her DWTS exit.

Post-DWTS, Burke has actually been doing a lot of what she was doing pre-DWTS, but even bigger, as if those three years of asking people how they feel listening to Bruno Tonioli calling them a sexy tango tortellini or whatever was just a rhinestone-covered dream. Burke has been in the hosting game since 1999 when she was the face of infamous E! late night travel show, Wild On. But around the time Brooke became a mom in the early 2000s, her hosting became a little less bikini focused. While Burke isn't hosting any one particular thing, you can always find her on TV, lending her famous skills to the Miss America pageant and philanthopic efforts like Red Nose Day and Operation Smile. But mostly, once she stopped having to put on a ballgown every Monday, Burke is busy non-stop promoting motherhood and a healthy lifestyle...

Mom Bloggin'

Burke, along with her co-CEO, Lisa Rosenblatt, created their website ModernMom as "a trusted resource and online community for the 'Woman Behind the Mom.'" This isn't Burkes first foray into helping her fellow moms; she also created the "taut" as part of her Baboosh Body line, meant for shaping mom's bodies post-baby. On ModernMom, the content is just as much about keeping a healthy mind and happy children as it is about eating and exercise meant for "smart, savvy and soulful women."

Bouncing Back from Cancer

While Burke was still hosting DWTS, she announced that that she had thyroid cancer and a month later that all cancer had been removed. Burke has had thyroid issues for most of her life, but after finding the cancerous lump and having it removed, she told ABC News that she's had to make even more adjustments to her lifestyle: "Figuring out the amount of Synthroid you need, getting your hormone levels right ... having too much energy or not enough energy, and rolling through those changes — I'll continue to deal with that for a while." Burke has used the diagnosis as a platform to encourage women, especially as they get into their 40s, to always get annual physicals and mammograms.

Being Healthy in Style

But Burke has long been known to be an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, flaunting her abs on the cover of counteless fitness magazines; and now she's made that her business (well, another business). Burke's active lifestyle brand, Caleum, is designed to "blur the lines that separate daily life, health, style and fitness." Basically that means that the clothes are really cute and you can still work out in them. But Burke can't do everything herself, so she still has that all-important Sketchers sponsorship to keep her outfitted in fresh silver sneaks.

I'm just glad to see that she hasn't been turned off from mirror-like surfaces forever.