Yolanda Foster's Dog Lucky Hadid Dies & Leaves Behind So Many Good Memories For The Family — PHOTOS

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Life can be tough on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The ladies never know who their friends are from one day to the next amidst all of their controversies and drama. Luckily for Yolanda Foster, pretty much everyone loves her so she doesn't have a ton of issues with the cast. Nevertheless, the angelic Housewife gets put in the middle a lot. Up until recently, she had one ally with her at all times to help her relax during the drama: Yoland Foster's family dog Lucky Hadid. Sadly, Lucky has recently passed away, leaving Foster and her three children mourning.

This is tragic news for the family, so I'm sure they're focusing on the happier times with Lucky. Click through from some great memories of Yolanda and her family with Lucky.

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