Yolanda Foster's Dog Lucky Hadid Dies & Leaves Behind So Many Good Memories For The Family — PHOTOS

Life can be tough on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The ladies never know who their friends are from one day to the next amidst all of their controversies and drama. Luckily for Yolanda Foster, pretty much everyone loves her so she doesn't have a ton of issues with the cast. Nevertheless, the angelic Housewife gets put in the middle a lot. Up until recently, she had one ally with her at all times to help her relax during the drama: Yoland Foster's family dog Lucky Hadid. Sadly, Lucky has recently passed away, leaving Foster and her three children mourning.

This is tragic news for the family, so I'm sure they're focusing on the happier times with Lucky. Click through from some great memories of Yolanda and her family with Lucky.

Family Portrait

Lucky Hadid found a way to stand out in this photo full of giant horses and supermodel children. What a perfect family photo!

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

So Much Love

Lucky and Yolanda looked like they were having so much fun playing around together.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Hanging With Gigi

Foster’s daughter Gigi Hadid looked so happy to hang out with her pup. I’m sure she misses Lucky a lot.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Just Chillin'

Lucky looks ready to do something new and exciting while Yolanda relaxed next to him.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Christmas With The Hadid Sisters

Gigi and Bella Hadid enjoyed Christmas with their dog. Such sweet memories.

Image: gigihadid/Instagram

Hiding Away In Gigi's Suitcase

Lucky jumped into Gigi’s suitcase. Maybe he was hoping that she would take a break from being a supermodel and play catch?

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Hanging With Anwar

Lucky got along splendidly with Yolanda’s son Anwar Hadid. They really seemed to be enjoying some boy time in this photo.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Gardening With Yolanda

Lucky served as the perfect assistant for Yolanda’s gardening projects.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Cuddling With Yolanda

Foster looked so serene and comfortable snuggling with her loyal pooch.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Throwback Photo With Anwar

i don’t know who’s cuter in this photo: Lucky or Anwar. Too much cuteness in one pic.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Ready For His Close Up

Just like the rest of his family, Lucky Hadid was not at all shy in front of the camera. He would have probably snapped a selfie if that was possible.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Holiday Celebrations

The pup enjoyed celebrating Christmas under the tree. I bet a couple of those boxes had some doggie gifts inside.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Boys Time

Anwar and Lucky had some relaxing boy hang outs.

Image: luckyhadid/Instagram

Dressed Up For The Holidays

Lucky looked adorable dressed up with his Christmas accessories.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Kisses For Yolanda

Yolanda looked like she was playing hard to get when Lucky went in for some cheek kisses. I’m going to assumed she loved it though.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Car Rides

The dog looked extremely content during a car ride. I wonder where he was going. Probably to visit a Grammy award winner with Yolanda and David Foster.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Three's Company

Lucky kind of got the shaft during this mother/son moment, but he received plenty of love from the family his whole life.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Helping Yolanda

Lucky was right by Yolanda’s side while she worked to get through her battle with Lyme Disease.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Taking Care Of Each Other

Lucky was there to help Foster recover, and she was there to cuddle her dog while he napped.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Kisses From Gigi

A lot of boys would be pretty jealous to get some kisses from Gigi Hadid. Lucky was definitely lucky.

Image: gigihadid/Instagram

Enjoy Nature

Lucky and Anwar enjoyed their time outside together.

Image: yolandhfoster/Instagram

Memories With Gigi

Gigi posted this side-by-side of two photos with her beloved puppy. They both look so young and cute. Such sweet memories!

Image: gigihadid/Instagram

Quality Time With Gigi

Gigi loved Lucky so much. You can definitely feel the affection.

Image: gigihadid/Instagram

Near The End

Foster’s daughter Bella visited her beloved dog Lucky near the end. Hadid said she could “only touch him for a couple minutes at a time so he can keep all of the oxygen he needs.” So sad, but at least she got to say goodbye to a member of the family.

Image: bellahadid/Instagram