Guy Gets Kicked Out Of Kindergarten Concert For Shouting "English Only! USA!" When A Teacher Spoke In Spanish — VIDEO

It's only Tuesday, but here's your Terrible Racist Xenophobe Of The Week! This ultimate douchebag was kicked out of a kindergarten concert for shouting "English Only, USA!" repeatedly when a woman took to the stage to introduce the event in Spanish. The man took up the offensive chant almost as soon as the woman started talking, and her shock read openly on her face. My favorite thing is the gentle giant, aqua polo shirt wearing, Wiggle-esque teacher with an acoustic guitar on the stage who looks like he's ready to fight this xenophobic guy. He strides towards the edge of the stage without hesitation, totally ready to go for it.

Unsurprisingly, the racist man was quickly escorted out of the auditorium by some concerned parents, and all I can do is pray that this guy was just some random interloper and doesn't actually have children of his own, because we really don't need that sort of hate perpetuated in future generations. Once the man is removed from the room, the children applaud, so I suppose we're probably safe seeing as this cohort seems to know right from wrong. Next time, I hope he chooses a more private outlet for his hatred, like maybe sticking his head into a toilet bowl and screaming into that. I don't know. Just spit-balling here.

Meanwhile, I hope this horrible man is sorry.

Because it should be OBVIOUS and RATIONAL that all languages and races are welcome, because everyone is human, and we all have the right to not only belong to, but to be treated with respect by the communities we exist in. Otherwise...

And as we know, this white guy with his hate-filled message doesn't have a leg to stand on...

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