12 Awesome Workout Socks For Women, Because The Right Footwear Really Does Matter

Perhaps you let your workout enthusiasm die a little over the winter months, but you're looking to get back into it this spring. There's nothing wrong with getting yourself hyped for a workout by investing in some cute, high-quality exercise gear. Not only will it make you more excited to work out, but the right clothes and accessories will help you to get the most out of your workout and even prevent injuries. I'm not just talking about the obvious items like sneakers and sports bras, though. You also need to get yourself a few quality pairs of workout socks. After all, there's nothing worse than being about to go for a run and finding that all you have in your sock drawer is a bunch of wool Christmas socks and nylon-lace thigh highs.

Nope, you need socks that protect your feet from blisters, sweat, odor, mud, rocks and trail debris, slippery floors or stones, and harsh impacts. The right pair of socks can even improve your workout. Even if you're just doing some gentle yoga or going for a light walk, you should have socks that protect your feet while keeping them comfortable and dry. If you're participating in a much more intense activity like a long-distance race or a basketball game, then it becomes even more important to wear the right socks. Read on for a round-up of the very best workout socks for women.

Budget Friendly

These Old Navy workout sock packs are usually very affordable and now they’re on sale for $5.50.

Women’s Sport Socks 3-Pack, $7, Old Navy

Made in the USA

These New Balance socks (and many others that they offer) are proudly made in the USA.

New Balance Hydrotec Court Low Cut , $13, Amazon

Fun Designs

Maybe you don’t do hardcore workouts and just want to inject some fun into your exercise outfits. The socks at Sock It To Me aren’t specifically designed for exercise but will do just fine for casual walking, jogging, or games of softball or Ultimate Frisbee–plus there’s so many fun patterns to choose from. This pair in particular will help you get in the right mood for kicking butt.

Sock It To Me Women’s Badass Socks , $12, Amazon

Toughest Socks

Darn Tough Vermont Socks are made in Vermont and are guaranteed to last through whatever your workout throws at them.

Darn Tough Tab No Show Ultralight Socks, $4, Amazon

Best Toe Socks

SmartWool has some of the best socks for long distance runners, bikers, and hikers. These toe socks are just one of the many great workout sock varieties that they offer.

SmartWool PhD Micro Toe Socks, $30, Amazon

Customizable Socks

The Custom Sock Shop will help you customize socks to your liking–perfect for bringing together your teammates in volleyball, cheerleading, dance, softball, and so on. Plus they’re made in the USA.

Custom Volleyball Sock, $8, Custom Sock Shop

Best for Dryness

These socks keep feet dry from sweat and the elements, which helps to keep odors and blisters at bay.

Drymax Sport Max Cushion Pack, $37, Amazon

Cool Factor

Not only is Nike trusted for their high-performance athletic gear, but you also have to admit that they offer some of the coolest colors and designs.

Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Socks , $15, A mazon

Best for Hiking

Teko socks are eco-friendly and extremely durable, and are perfect for hiking. They also have socks for running, skiing, and everyday activities.

Teko Women’s Merino Hiking Socks, $18, Amazon

Best Non-Slip Yoga/Dancing Socks

If you can ignore the kind of goofy name, you’ll find that footUndeez are the perfect barely-there sock to wear during dancing and yoga workouts. It provides padding and arch support and will prevent any slips and falls.

Capezio Full Body footUndeez, $26, A mazon

Best Yoga/Dancing Socks for Warmth

These wool socks are great for keeping you warm both inside and outside of the yoga or dance studio.

Lululemon Savasana Sock, $48, Amazon

A Whole Week's Worth

By buying this six pack, you’ll be ready for a whole week’s worth of workouts in one fell swoop.

Womens Invasion No Show 6 Pack, $16, Amazon